The Muke's...

Muke Gile or widely known as Mukti Mulyana (Hilanders 93') ,has been caught lately by some of our paparazzi in Bogor surrounding area. He is now the dean of English Faculty of YAI University, Rawamangun,Jakarta.

What make us wonder and salute is he can be a dean even he didn't finish his degree in HI UNPAD !! What a marvelous boy ! - once again- proves us that our late adagium is still relevant up to now, THE SINGER is NOT THE SONG !! and do not forget SIZE DOESN'T MATTER !!

Everyone in CIAWI's gank shall not forget this theory, THE BIGGER YOUR TOE, THE BIGGER YOUR PENIS but actually Muke has crushed the theory, and proved that it was wrong !

And The Dean is now living happily with one wife (still one muk ?) and two daughters....


The Muke's....

Fasting Break Ciawi 1428 H of HI-93-ers

Some other fasting-break 1428 event of HI-93 you know who they are ? MENTION it !

HI_unpadI miss y'all....!